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Greek & Roman Gods

The Olympians

In Greek mythology twelve immortal gods and goddess' ruled the world. These Olympians - so called because they lived on mount Olympus - had come to power after overthrowing the Titans. All the Olympians are related to one another. The Romans adopted most of these Greek gods and goddesses, but with new names.

Hades is sometimes mistakenly included in the list of the 12 Olympians but as he was the king of the underworld he wasn't included as part of the elite 12. Hestia is a goddess who once was an Olympian but she conceded her place to Dionysus

Name of god Area of godliness Relationship to others
Greek Roman
ZeusJupitergod of the sky & storms. King of OlympusMarried to Hera
HeraJunogoddess of marriage. Queen of OlympusMarried to and sister to Zeus
PoseidonNeptunegod of the sea, earthquakes & horsesBrother of Zeus
DemeterCeresgoddess of agricultureSister of Zeus, mother of Persephone
AphroditeVenusgoddess of love, beauty & fertility. Protector of sailorsDaughter of Zeus
ApolloApollogod of music, prophesy, amp; healingSon of Zeus, Twin of Artemis
AresMarsgod of warSon of Zeus & Hera
ArtemisDianagoddess of the hunt. protector of women in childbirthTwin of Apollo
AthenaMinervagoddess of wisdom & craftsBorn from forehead of Zeus
HephaestusVulcangod of fire & the forgeSon of Zeus, married Aphrodite
HermesMercurymessenger of the gods, guide to the dead in the underworldSon of Zeus
DionysusBacchusgod of wine, mysteries, & theatreSon of Zeus & a mortal

Other Greek and Roman Gods

Other gods also lived on Olympus but were not regarded as Olympians because they were not part of the supreme council of 12. The following lists some of the minor gods.

Name of god Area of godliness
Greek Roman
HadesPlutogod of the dead, brother of Zeus
husband of Persephone
PersephoneProserpinagoddess of the underworld, wife of Hades
HestiaVestagoddess of the hearth
was once an Olympian but conceded
her place to Dionysus
PanFaunusgod of shepherds & flocks
HekateTriviagoddess of magic, son of Hermes
Thanatos god of death
AsklepiosAsclepiusgod of healing
Boreas god of the north wind
DikeIustitiagoddess of justice
EileithyiaLucinagoddess of childbirth
EirenePaxgoddess of peace
EnyoBellonagoddess of war
EoaAuroragoddess of the dawn
Erebus personification of darkness
ErisDiscordiagoddess of strife
ErosCupidgod of love & desire
HedeJuventasgoddess who was cup bearer to Olympians
HeliosSolgod of the sun
HesperusVesperthe evening star
HypnosSomnusgod of sleep
Iris god of the rainbow
Morpheus god of dreams
Nemesis goddess of retribution
NikeVictoriagoddess of victory
SeleneLunagoddess of the moon
Triton water god
TycheFortunagoddess of fortune
Zephyrus god of the west wind

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