What gifts were given by the true love in the song "Twelve days of Christmas"

Twelve Days of Christmas

The xmas gifts a "true love" gave during the 12 days of Christmas song. The song was first seen in print around 1780 but the exact origins of the song are unknown, it is thought to have been in existence for a lot longer and possibly has French roots. The 12 days in the song refer to the time between Christmas day and Epiphany (January the 6th). The song DOES NOT have coded catholic meanings. Some sites refer to hidden meanings for each christmas gift mentioned in the song, however most of the explanations given by these sites are simply absurd. It's just an urban myth.

Day of ChristmasChristmas Gift
FirstA Partridge in a pear tree
Second2 Turtle Doves
Third3 French Hens
Fourth 4 Calling Birds
Fifth5 Gold Rings
Sixth6 Geese a-laying
Seventh7 Swans a-swimming
Eighth8 Maids a-milking
Ninth9 Ladies Dancing
Tenth10 Lords a-leaping
Eleventh11 Pipers Piping
Twelfth12 Drummers Drumming

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