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Several thousand visitors a day browse this website. Many of them arrive here using the search terms "pub quiz (+ name of city, for example London)". In other words people are looking for nearby pub quizzes to go to.

I have several pages listing quiz nights around the UK and the rest of the world. If you haven't already seen the quiz listings, you can browse through them here. If you'd like to add a quiz night to the list then just fill out the form below.

The basic format of each quiz night lisiting is like this:

Day quiz heldQuiz Venue
Time quiz startsAddress of venue, city, county Google Map
Town or CityDetails of pub quiz, such as team size, prizes. Or any special rounds or rules you have. etc.

 Phone No. / email addressdate last updated

I group quizzes together by geographic region, e.g south east England, then by county, e.g. Surrey, then by town e.g. Guildford and finally by day. This logical ordering allows users to easily find suitable quiz nights in their local area.

Quiz Form

Complete this form to let me know about a quiz night near you, and I'll add it to the list. It can either be a quiz you run yourself or just a quiz you go to as a contestant.

If you wish to update a quiz night listing then also fill in this form but click the option that tells me it's an update. Mention in the description what you want to change about the current listing I have on this site.

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Where the quiz is held

 Quiz venue:    i.e the name of the pub
 Address line 1:    Address of the quiz venue.
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 Town or city:    If large city please let me know roughly where, e.g. North London
 Postcode:    I use this to find your venue on google maps and post a suitable link
 Country:    The vast majority of quizzes sent to me are in the UK. If it's somewhere different let me know
 Web address:    For the quiz night or venue, if you have one

When the quiz is held

 Day quiz held:    e.g. "Sunday" or "3rd January" etc.
 How often:    How regularly is the quiz held?
 Time:    When should people arrive

Quiz description

Briefly describe the quiz. For example quiz format, prizes, entry fee, special rules etc. It's best to give as much information as possible to attract visitors. You can also include a contact number or email address if you're happy for them to be included on a public website.

In return for publicising your quiz night I would be grateful for a link back to my site, if you happen to run a website of your own. If you do, then please use the following link or something similar:

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