Past winners of the academy award for best director

Oscar Winning Directors

A list of past academy award winning directors, and the film for which they won their Oscar. The year listed below refers to the year the film was released, the Oscar is awarded the following year. For example Clint Eastwood was awarded an Oscar in February 2005 for his film Million Dollor Baby which was released in 2004.

The 79th Academy Awards are to be held on the 25th of February 2007 where the oscars for the best films of 2006 will be awarded. The nominees for the best director Oscar 2006 were:

Year Winning Director Movie
2005Ang LeeBrokeback Mountain
2004Clint EastwoodMillion Dollar Baby
2003Peter JacksonThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2002Roman PolanskiThe Pianist
2001Ron HowardA Beautiful Mind
2000Steven SoderberghTraffic
1999Sam MendesAmerican Beauty
1998Steven SpielbergSaving Private Ryan
1997James CameronTitanic
1996Anthony MinghellaThe English Patient
1995Mel GibsonBraveheart
1994Robert ZemeckisForrest Gump
1993Steven SpielbergSchindler's List
1992Clint EastwoodUnforgiven
1991Jonathan DemmeThe Silence Of The Lambs
1990Kevin CostnerDances With Wolves
1989Oliver StoneBorn On The Fourth Of July
1988Barry LevinsonRain Man
1987Bernardo BertolucciThe Last Emperor
1986Oliver StonePlatoon
1985Sydney PollackOut Of Africa
1984Milos FormanAmadeus
1983James L. BrooksTerms Of Endearment
1982Richard AttenboroughGandhi
1981Warren BeattyReds
1980Robert RedfordOrdinary People
1979Robert Benton 2Kramer Vs. Kramer
1978Michael CiminoThe Deer Hunter
1977Woody AllenAnnie Hall
1976John G. AvildsenRocky
1975Milos FormanOne Flew Over The Cuckoo'S Nest
1974Francis Ford CoppolaThe Godfather Part Ii
1973George Roy HillThe Sting
1972Bob FosseCabaret
1971William FriedkinThe French Connection
1970Franklin J. SchaffnerPatton
1969John SchlesingerMidnight Cowboy
1968Carol ReedOliver!
1967Mike NicholsThe Graduate
1966Fred ZinnemannA Man For All Seasons
1965Robert WiseThe Sound Of Music
1964George CukorMy Fair Lady
1963Tony RichardsonTom Jones
1962David LeanLawrence Of Arabia
1961Jerome Robbins &
Robert Wise
West Side Story
1960Billy WilderThe Apartment
1959William WylerBen Hur
1958Vincente MinnelliGigi
1957David LeanThe Bridge On The River Kwai
1956George StevensGiant
1955Delbert MannMarty
1954Elia KazanOn The Waterfront
1953Fred ZinnemannFrom Here To Eternity
1952John FordThe Quiet Man
1951George StevensA Place In The Sun
1950Joseph L. MankiewiczAll About Eve
1949Joseph L. MankiewiczA Letter To Three Wives
1948John HustonThe Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
1947Elia KazanGentleman'S Agreement
1946William WylerThe Best Years Of Our Lives
1945Billy WilderThe Lost Weekend
1944Leo McCareyGoing My Way
1943Michael CurtizCasablanca
1942William WylerMrs. Miniver
1941John FordHow Green Was My Valley
1940John FordThe Grapes Of Wrath
1939Victor FlemingGone With The Wind
1938Frank CapraYou Can'T Take It With You
1937Leo McCareyThe Awful Truth
1936Frank CapraMr. Deeds Goes To Town
1935John FordThe Informer
1934Frank CapraIt Happened One Night
1933Frank LloydCavalcade
1932Frank BorzageBad Girl
1931Norman TaurogSkippy
1930Lewis MilestoneAll Quiet On The Western Front
1929Frank LloydThe Divine Lady
1928Lewis MilestoneTwo Arabian Knights
1928Frank Borzage7th Heaven

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