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Mr. Men character list

Mr men is a series of children's books written by Roger Hargreaves, the books were first published in 1971 featuring the first 7 characters listed below. Each book bears the title of a Mr. Man and features a story based upon the character trait of each characters name. As later books were published characters from previous books were often featured in them.

The Mr Men series was a phenomenal success selling many millions of copies and spawned a television series and a whole menagerie of merchandising. Yet because of the quality of the stories the Mr men books are highly revered amongst nostalgic twenty something's.

The illustrations accompanying the story were bold and simple with each Mr Men character clearly distinguishable in colour, shape and accessories

The table below lists all the Mr men in the order in which they were published. Since Roger Hargreaves death in 1988 his son Adam has continued to write and illustrate new stories, with some new characters. The list also contains some special one-off Mr Men.

Mr Men Name Colour Shape Distinguishing features & clothing
Mr TickleOrangeroundlong arms blue bowler hat
Mr GreedyPinkoval, fattened-
Mr HappyYellowround-
Mr NoseyGreenovalbig nose
Mr SneezeBluestar-likered nose, no arms!
Mr BumpBlueround white bandages
Mr SnowWhitesnowman-esquered and white scarf, black bowler hat
Mr MessyPinkscribbly-
Mr Topsy-TurvyOrangebeanyellow walking stick, upside down yellow bowler hat
Mr SillyYellow / brownroundorange top hat, yellow shoes, no eyes!
Mr UppityBrownbeanblack top hat, monocle
Mr SmallSmallroundred, blue bowler hat
Mr DaydreamBluecloud-like shape-
Mr ForgetfulDark blueovalsmall red hat
Mr JellyPinkwobbly circle-
Mr NoisyRedroundlarge brown shoes
Mr LazyPinkbeandark blue hat
Mr FunnyLight greenroundyellow hat (blue band & daisy), red nose, yellow gloves, red & white shoes
Mr MeanBlueextended oval shapeyellow nose, has ears
Mr ChatterboxPinksemi-circular shapegreen bowler hat, blue & white shoes
Mr FussyGreenextended oval shapeorange shoes, yellow nose, centre parted black hair, moustache
Mr BounceYellowroundred hat
Mr MuddleGreenextended ovalred hat, feet pointing in wrong direction
Mr DizzyLight brown/yellowNo 8blue hat
Mr ImpossiblePurpleoval, horizontallyblue top hat
Mr StrongRedsquaregreen cowboy style hat
Mr GrumpyBluerectangularpurple nose, green top hat
Mr ClumsyGreenovalyellow nose, orange shoes, messy hair & moustache
Mr QuietLight brownroundsmall
Mr RushPurpletriangleyellow hat
Mr TallBlueroundlong legs, orange shoes
Mr WorryDark blueroundred nose, worry lines
Mr NonsenseYellowroundgreen bowler hat, red nose, blue gloves, blue shoes, no eyes
Mr WrongRedroundflowerpot on head, odd gloves - yellow & blue, odd shoes - brown & black
Mr SkinnyYellowlong extended ovalred top hat, green nose
Mr MischiefYellowovalred hat, blue nose
Mr CleverOrangeroundgreen top hat, glasses
Mr BusyBluebeanbrown top hat with white band
Mr SlowOlive greenroundgreen bowler hat, white moustache
Mr BraveYellowextended ovalred & blue hat, glasses
Mr GrumblePurpleextended ovalgreen cowboy style hat
Mr PerfectBlueroundside parted black hair, red nose
Mr CheerfulOrangeroundyellow & blue hat, yellow nose
Mr CheekyPinktriangleblue hat, brown shoes
Mr ChristmasGreentrianglered Santa hat, gloves and shoes, yellow nose

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