A list of people who have been pope of the catholic church

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Past Popes

A chronological list of past Popes - A title given to the head of the Catholic Church.

Pope No: Name Years in Power
1St. Peter32-67
2St. Linus67-76
3St. Anacletus (Cletus)76-88
4St. Clement I88-97
5St. Evaristus97-105
6St. Alexander I105-115
7St. Sixtus I (Xystus I)115-125
8St. Telesphorus125-136
9St. Hyginus136-140
10St. Pius I140-155
11St. Anicetus155-166
12St. Soter166-175
13St. Eleutherius175-189
14St. Victor I189-199
15St. Zephyrinus199-217
16St. Callistus I217-22
17St. Urban I222-30
18St. Pontain230-35
19St. Anterus235-36
20St. Fabian236-50
21St. Cornelius251-53
22St. Lucius I253-54
23St. Stephen I254-257
24St. Sixtus II257-258
25St. Dionysius260-268
26St. Felix I269-274
27St. Eutychian275-283
28St. Caius (Gaius)283-296
29St. Marcellinus296-304
30St. Marcellus I308-309
31St. Eusebius309 or 310
32St. Miltiades311-14
33St. Sylvester I314-35
34St. Marcus336
35St. Julius I337-52
37St. Damasus I366-83
38St. Siricius384-99
39St. Anastasius I399-401
40St. Innocent I401-17
41St. Zosimus417-18
42St. Boniface I418-22
43St. Celestine I422-32
44St. Sixtus III432-40
45St. Leo I (The Great)440-61
46St. Hilarius461-68
47St. Simplicius468-83
48St. Felix III483-92
49St. Gelasius I492-96
50Anastasius II496-98
51St. Symmachus498-514
52St. Hormisdas514-23
53St. John I523-26
54St. Felix IV526-30
55Boniface II530-32
56John II533-35
57St. Agapetus I535-36
58St. Silverius536-37
60Pelagius I556-61
61John III561-74
62Benedict I575-79
63Pelagius II579-90
64St. Gregory I (The Great)590-604
66Boniface III607
67St. Boniface IV608-15
68St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I)615-18
69Boniface V619-25
70Honorius I625-38
72John IV640-42
73Theodore I642-49
74St. Martin I649-55
75St. Eugene I655-57
76St. Vitalian657-72
77Adeodatus II672-76
79St. Agatho678-81
80St. Leo II682-83
81St. Benedict II684-85
82John V685-86
84St. Sergius I687-701
85John VI701-05
86John VII705-07
89St. Gregory II715-31
90St. Gregory III731-41
91St. Zachary741-52
*Stephen II752
92Stephen III752-57
93St. Paul I757-67
94Stephen IV767-72
95Adrian I772-95
96St. Leo III795-816
97Stephen V816-17
98St. Paschal I817-24
99Eugene II824-27
101Gregory IV827-44
102Sergius II844-47
103St. Leo IV847-55
104Benedict III855-58
105St. Nicholas I (The Great)858-67
106Adrian II867-72
107John VIII872-82
108Marinus I882-84
109St. Adrian III884-85
110Stephen VI885-91
112Boniface VI896
113Stephen VII896-97
115Theodore II897
116John IX898-900
117Benedict IV900-03
118Leo V903
119Sergius III904-11
120Anastasius III911-13
122John X914-28
123Leo VI928
124Stephen VIII929-31
125John XI931-35
126Leo VII936-39
127Stephen IX939-42
128Marinus II942-46
129Agapetus II946-55
130John XII955-63
131Leo VIII963-64
132Benedict V964
133John XIII965-72
134Benedict VI973-74
135Benedict VII974-83
136John XIV983-84
137John XV985-96
138Gregory V996-99
139Sylvester II999-1003
140John XVII1003
141John XVIII1003-09
142Sergius IV1009-12
143Benedict VIII1012-24
144John XIX1024-32
145Benedict IX1032-45
146Sylvester III1045
147Benedict IX1045
148Gregory VI1045-46
149Clement II1046-47
150Benedict IX1047-48
151Damasus II1048
152St. Leo IX1049-54
153Victor II1055-57
154Stephen X1057-58
155Nicholas II1058-61
156Alexander II1061-73
157St. Gregory VII1073-85
158Blessed Victor III1086-87
159Blessed Urban II1088-99
160Paschal II1099-1118
161Gelasius II1118-19
162Callistus II1119-24
163Honorius II1124-30
164Innocent II1130-43
165Celestine II1143-44
166Lucius II1144-45
167Blessed Eugene III1145-53
168Anastasius IV1153-54
169Adrian IV1154-59
170Alexander III1159-81
171Lucius III1181-85
172Urban III1185-87
173Gregory VIII1187
174Clement III1187-91
175Celestine III1191-98
176Innocent III1198-1216
177Honorius III1216-27
178Gregory IX1227-41
179Celestine IV1241
180Innocent IV1243-54
181Alexander IV1254-61
182Urban IV1261-64
183Clement IV1265-68
184Blessed Gregory X1271-76
185Blessed Innocent V1276
186Adrian V1276
187John XXI1276-77
188Nicholas III1277-80
189Martin IV1281-85
190Honorius IV1285-87
191Nicholas IV1288-92
192St. Celestine V1294
193Boniface VIII1294-1303
194Blessed Benedict XI1303-04
195Clement V1305-14
196John XXII1316-34
197Benedict XII1334-42
198Clement VI1342-52
199Innocent VI1352-62
200Blessed Urban V1362-70
201Gregory XI1370-78
202Urban VI1378-89
203Boniface IX1389-1404
204Innocent VII1404-06
205Gregory XII1406-15
206Martin V1417-31
207Eugene IV1431-47
208Nicholas V1447-55
209Callistus III1455-58
210Pius II1458-64
211Paul II1464-71
212Sixtus IV1471-84
213Innocent VIII1484-92
214Alexander VI1492-1503
215Pius III1503
216Julius II1503-13
217Leo X1513-21
218Adrian VI1522-23
219Clement VII1523-34
220Paul III1534-49
221Julius III1550-55
222Marcellus II1555
223Paul IV1555-59
224Pius IV1559-65
225St. Pius V1566-72
226Gregory XIII1572-85
227Sixtus V1585-90
228Urban VII1590
229Gregory XIV1590-91
230Innocent IX1591
231Clement VIII1592-1605
232Leo XI1605
233Paul V1605-21
234Gregory XV1621-23
235Urban VIII1623-44
236Innocent X1644-55
237Alexander VII1655-67
238Clement IX1667-69
239Clement X1670-76
240Blessed Innocent XI1676-89
241Alexander VIII1689-91
242Innocent XII1691-1700
243Clement XI1700-21
244Innocent XIII1721-24
245Benedict XIII1724-30
246Clement XII1730-40
247Benedict XIV1740-58
248Clement XIII1758-69
249Clement XIV1769-74
250Pius VI1775-99
251Pius VII1800-23
252Leo XII1823-29
253Pius VIII1829-30
254Gregory XVI1831-46
255Blessed Pius IX1846-78
256Leo XIII1878-1903
257St. Pius X1903-14
258Benedict XV1914-22
259Pius XI1922-39
260Pius XII1939-58
261Blessed John XXIII1958-63
262Paul VI1963-78
263John Paul I1978
264John Paul II1978-2005
265Benedict XVI2005-present

* Stephen II was elected to be pope after the death of pope number 91, however he is not officially counted as a pope because he died before his inauguration

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