Names of barrel and bottle sizes

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Barrels and Bottles

Sizes of beer barrels (or casks) and champagne bottles

Champagne bottle sizes

Container Size
Piccoloquarter bottle
Demiboitehalf bottle
Magnum2 bottles
Jeroboam4 bottles
Rehoboam6 bottles
Methuselah8 bottles
Salmanazar12 bottles
Balthazar16 bottles
Nebuchadnezzar20 bottles
Melchior24 bottles
Sovereign33.33 bottles

Beer barrel sizes

A "barrel" of beer is defined as a container able to hold 36 gallons of ale, kegs or casks of beer can be any size. Specific names are given to barrels that are larger or smaller than a true barrel.

Container Size
Firkin9 gallons
Kilderkin18 gallons
Barrel36 gallons
Hogshead54 gallons
Butt108 gallons
Tun216 gallons
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