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Collector Names

A list of people who collect things, from the common stamp collector to the bizarre hoarder of sugar packets. A lot of these people who accumulate a particular type of collection have been given a proper technical name to describe their passion for collecting items.

Collector Collection
aerophilatelist airmail stamps
arctophile bear figures
audiophile music
bestiarist medieval books on animals
bibliophile books
brandophilist cigar bands
cameist cameos
conchologist shells
copoclephilist keyrings
deltiologist postcards
discophile records / cds
errinophilist revenue or tax stamps
ex-librist book plates
fusilatelist telephone calling cards
helixophile corkscrews
heortologist religious calanders
iconophile prints and engravings
lepidopterist butterflies
numismatist money and medals
oologist bird's eggs
philatelist postage stamps
phillumenist matchbook covers
philographist autographs
phonophile phonograph records
plangonologist dolls
receptarist recipes
succrologist sugar packets
tegestologist beer mats
telegery telephone calling cards
vecturist transport tokens
vexillologist flags
xylographer woodcuts / engraving

Thanks to a couple of pub quiz help users for identifying new collector names

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