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Newspaper Editors

The following tables list the past editors of some of Britain's best known national newspapers. I have had trouble finding information about some past editors so if anybody can help fill in some of the gaps it would be appreciated! Let me know here.

The Times - founded 1785

Editors of The Times Editorship
Robert Thomson 2002-present
Peter Stothard 1992-2002
Simon Jenkins 1990-1992
Charles Wilson 1985-1990
Charles Douglas-Home 1982-1985
Harold Evans 1981-1982
William Rees-Mogg 1967-1981
William Haley 1952-1966
William Casey 1948-1952
Robert McGowan Barrington-Ward 1941-1948
Geoffrey Dawson 1923-1941
Henry Wickham Steed 1919-1922
Geoffrey Dawson 1912-1919
George Earle Buckle 1884-1912
Thomas Chenery 1877-1884
John Delane 1841-1877
Thomas Barnes 1817-1841
John Stoddart 1809-1817
John Walter 1803-1809
John Walter 1785-1803

The Guardian - date founded - 1821

Editors of The Guardian Editorship
Alan Rusbridger 1995-present
Peter Preston 1975-1995
Alastair Hetherington 1956-1975
Alfred Powell Wadsworth 1944-1956
William Percival Crozier 1932-1944
Ted Scott 1929-1932
Charles Prestwich Scott 1872-1929

The Daily Telegraph - founded 1855

Editors of The Daily Telegraph Period of
Martin Newland2003-present
Charles Moore1995-2003
Sir Max Hastings1986-1995
Lord William. F. Deedes1974-1986

The Financial Times - first published 1888

Editors of The Financial Times Editorship
Lionel Barbernov 2005-present
Andrew Gowers2001-2005
Richard Lambert1991-2001
Geoffrey Owen 1980-1991
Fredy Fisher1972-1980
Gordon Newton1949-1972
Hargreaves Parkinson1945-1949
A.G. Cole1940 - 1945
D.S. T. Hunter1937 - 1940
C.H. Palmer1909 - 1924
A.E. Murrayc.1896 - 1909
Sydney Murray1892 - 1895
W.R. Lawson1890 - 1892
Douglas MacRae1889 - 1890
Leopold Graham 1888 - 1889

The Independent - first published 1986

Editors of The Independent Editorship
Simon Kelnermay 1998-present
Andrew Marr & Rosie Boycottmar 1998 - may 1998
Rosie Boycottjan 1998 - mar 1998
Andrew Marr1996 - jan 1998
Charles Wilson1995-1996
Ian Hargreaves 1994-1995
Andreas Whittam-Smith1986-1994

The Sun - founded 1964

Editors of The Sun Editorship
Rebekah Wade2003-present
David Yelland1998-2003
Stuart Higgins1994-1998
Kelvin MacKenzie1981-1994
Larry Lamb1968-1981
Dick Dinsdale1965-1968
Sidney Jacobsen1964-1965

Daily Mirror - first published 1903

Editors of The Daily Mirror Dates of
Richard Wallace2004-present
Piers Morgan1995-2004
Colin Myler1994-1995
Richard Stott1990-1994
Roy Greenslade?-1990

Daily Mail - founded 1896

Editors of Daily Mail Editorship
Paul Dacre1992-present
David English1971-1992
Frank Owen1947-1950

Daily Express - first published 1900

Editors of Daily Express Editorship
Peter Hill2003-present
Chris Williams2001-2003
Rosie Boycott1998-2001
Richard Addis1995-1998

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