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nokia 6600 mobile phone

Many of the facts and trivia on this website can also be viewed on any reasonably modern mobile phone using WAP.

The Pub Quiz Help wapsite can be a very useful way to look up information, which is particularly handy if you are stuck on a question during a pub quiz and you need to check some facts before answering. You do of course risk being called a cheat, but it's no different than text messaging which is already a common pub quiz cheating ploy. I'll leave the moral dilemma about using this wapsite during a pub quiz to you!

Simply enter the following url into your phone and save it as a bookmark for future reference:

If you are using Opera or Firefox (with the >wml browser extension) to view this page then you can click on the above link directly. Users of other browsers won't be able to view the wapsite by clicking on the link, so you'll just have to try the site out on your cell phone!

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