Tutorial on how to add WAP bookmarks to your mobile phone

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WAP Bookmark Adding

How to access Pub Quiz Help on your phone

Most mobile phones purchased in the last couple of years are WAP enabled. Which means they are able to access web sites specifically designed for the small screen of mobile phones. If WAP wasn't already configured on your mobile when you bought the phone I go into detail about how to set up WAP, on a separate page, that can be found here: Wap Configuration. On this page however, I'll explain how to add my site to your phone's bookmarks so you can view Pub Quiz Help on your mobile phone whenver you want

Adding a WAP bookmark

Setting up bookmarks for WAP depends on the specific make of your cellphone, generally however, go into you WAP or mobile internet options on your mobile phone and find the option to add a bookmark. Some phones don't have this option in their WAP configuration menu but you can also enter a bookmark by starting a WAP session and then selecting option to bring up an options menu and from here most phones enable you to enter a book mark. The address you have to enter is quite long and tricky to be typed on a phone handset, but once it's in you'll never have to do it again! Enter the following address:

I'm afraid the url can be quite cumbersome to type in using a phone's keypad. I'm looking into ways of being able to send this url directly to users phones so check back soon!

Suggestions or corrections email me adam@pubquizhelp.com