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Pub Quizzes held in the Tees Valley

Browse the listings below if you are looking for a local pub quiz to attend locally in the Tees Valley. Quiz nights are grouped together by Unitary Authority and then ordered from Monday to Sunday.

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Last updated: 8th January 2009

Pub quizes held in Tees Valley

TuesdayThe Caledonian
Weekly 8.30pm70 High Northgate, Darlington, Durham, DL1 1UJ Google Map
DarlingtonCome & have a laugh and dust your brain cells down too. A warm welcome at the Caledonian in Darlington. 50p per team player - maximum 5 in a team. 1st Round - Entertainment, Film & TV, This Week's News. 2nd Round - General Knowledge. 3rd Round - Music Round - Name Artist & Song. 4th Round - General Knowledge. 5th Round - General Knowledge. Plus there is a bonus "Picture Round" - 10 photos to identify. General Knowledge consists of a bit of Geography, History, Sport, Food & Drink, Trivia, True or False, Multiple Choice etc. Nothing too hard. 1st Prize - All Cash Received for Entries 2nd Prize - 4 Beer Tokens. Weekly Jackpot up for grabs - currently stands at 50.00 at 18/09/07.
  Last updated: 11th October 2007
TuesdayThe Pennyweight
Weekly 8.45Market Square, Darlington, Co Durham, Google Map
Darlingtonusually 4 rounds, 1 of them is music. You don't enter to win big bucks, it's more for fun. Beer question and a jackpot too.
  Last updated: 14-01-2007
WednesdayArts Centre
Weekly 8.30pmVane Terrace, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 7AU Google Map
DarlingtonEntry is 1.50 each, prizes depend on number of players, sometimes big money flyer questions. Format is four rounds of 10 q's on general knowledge, food and drink, science, art, literature, history, geography, sport, current affairs etc plus 1 round of 10q's on identifying pictures of people, and also a music round. The music round has previously been 10 q's identifying artist and song but recently has bee 10 q's of identifying the tv programme or film the music is associated with. Good relaxed atmosphere and large bar to help through the evening. Usual finish time is 10.30pm.
  Last updated: 1st May 2006
SundayStadia Bar
Weekly 8pmDuke Street, Darlington, Durham, Google Map
DarlingtonThis Quiz is different every week that includes different rounds that I put together by researching books and the internet. A great Sunday night atmosphere that costs 1.00 per person to enter and the prize money is based on how many people enter. free chilli dip and nachos are provided half way through the quiz together with the chance to win on our famous play your cards right. Check it out you could be the winner. Hope to see you there! Lynne
  Last updated: 26-11-2006
TuesdayThe Schooner
Weekly 8.45 pmWarrior Drive, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool
HartlepoolGeneral Knowledge quiz. 50 Pence per person, as many as you like in your team. Picture round, 10 questions, 20 music and 20 questions. Jackpot rolls over each week if not won. It is 3 questions get all 3 correct to win the Jackpot. Wine draw during the interval.
TuesdayThe Warrior
Weekly 9:00pmMowbray Road, Hartlepool
HartlepoolNo entry fee. 10 1st prize, then 5 and 3. First round is either pics, dingbats or anagrams. Then 40 questions and ten recent events. Good night out with John Smiths fantastic beer!!
ThursdaySeaton Carew Social Club
Weekly 8:30pm36 Station Lane, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool
HartlepoolQuiz has 4 rounds and is designed to last the full night. There is a jackpot which rises to a maximum of 50 worth of drinks vouchers. There is a total of 4 quizmasters who operate on a weekly rota system.
ThursdayHartlepool Cricket Club
Weekly ?pmPark Drive, Hartlepool, TS26 0DA
Hartlepool25p per head, 4 per team, 8 pints prize, 50 jackpot.
  Last updated: 21st December 2007
ThursdayThe Cosmopolitan
Weekly 21:00Durham Street, Hartlepool, TS24 0HY
Hartlepool1 per team. 5 rounds and a picture round. Made up of general knowledge and commonly a link running through certain questions in the 5 rounds. 1 question after the quiz, one question with several answers - could be ' in 2006 what were the most popular names for dogs in the uk' or 'name the 10 countries with the most cattle' roll the dice to win money and beer tokens during the quiz. Key to the box also at end of quiz, choose the right key and win whatever money is in the box, has been upto 400 before. Free food after round after round 3. Bingo before quiz. Good night, cheap drinks
  Last updated: 17 November 2008
ThursdayBlackhall RAFA Club
Weekly 9.15 pmMiddle Street, Blackhall Colliery, Hartlepool, TS27 4EB
HartlepoolPresented weekly by Jim & Alan commencing at 9.15 pm, a "no frills" general knowledge quiz of 30 questions covering all sorts of subjects. Occasionally "extras" are included such as picture quizzes or similar. Entry is 50 pence per person and although there are no strict rules on the size of teams, 4 to 6 people per team is preferred. All of the entry money plus a donation from the Club is given away as cash prizes, usually 1st,2nd & 3rd. Following the main quiz there is a Jackpot - entry is 20 pence per person and only one guess per team is permitted. If the Jackpot is not won outright it rolls over to the next week up to a maximum of 100. Finally there is the "20 pencer" - a (often) silly guessing question at the cost of 20 pence per guess. The team nearest the right answer wins all of the entry cash. Typical silly question would be "How many sesame seeds, on average, are there on a Big Mac bun?" The style of the quiz is fun and informal and a good atmosphere is generated. The questionmasters welcome any heckling and whinging from the participants because we are well used to verbal abuse. Besides as you all know we are always right. Please come along. (The answer to the 20 pencer by the way is 178)
  Last updated: 16th April 2008
SaturdayHeadland Social Club
Weekly 8:30pmThroston Street, Headland, Hartlepool, Cleveland,
Hartlepool25 pence entry per person in each team. 5 rounds of questions which vary from week to week. Also roll over jackpot question each week if not won. The quiz is run in conjunction with bingo.
  Last updated: 17-09-2006
SundayThe Schooner
Weekly 7.30 pmWarrior Park, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool
HartlepoolMusic and Entertainment quiz. 50 Pence per person, as many as you like in your team. Picture round, 20 questions, 20 music and 20 questions. Jackpot rolls over each week if not won. It is 3 questions get all 3 correct to win the Jackpot.
MondayTiger Inn
Weekly 20:30Lambton St. Normanby, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland, TS6 0LN
Middlesbrough3 rounds general knowledge. Prizes-12 beer tickets & 2 bottles of wine. End of each quiz all in/all out "guess" usually about 24. No quizzes bank holidays. Entrance 25p per entrant. Every 10 weeks 50 must-be-won jackpot. Friendly atmosphere usually 7 or 8 teams. Alex 01642 463146
  Last updated: 15-03-2007
TuesdayMiddlesbrough British Legion Club
Weekly 8pmPark Road North, Middlesbrough
MiddlesbroughBig quiz! Run by me for over 23 years. Lots of points on offer, picture rounds, cd music round. Three cash prizes 9, 7, 5 , 50 jackpot. 1 per person entry. Quiz is handicapped so the same teams don't win every week. Free number draw for 20 pints of beer.
SundayThe Camels Hump
Weekly 8:30pm17-21 Waterloo Road, Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough50p per person, excellent for hangover cure or recreation. Bonus prizes given away, many a free bevvie to be won. Cheating via mobile phones to your friends on the internet actively encouraged....
Redcar & Cleveland
MondayWheatlands Farm
Weekly 8.30pmRedcar Road, Redcar, Redcar & Cleveland, TS10 2TB
RedcarIt involves six different rounds, including pictures, top 5 connections and a wipe out round.
  Last updated: 08 January 2009
TuesdayBillingham Catholic Club
Weekly 21:0037 Wolvestone Road, Billingham, Teesside, Teesside, TS23 2RU
BillinghamGeneral knowledge. 50p per person. Tele 01642 551137
  Last updated: 29 July 2008
FridayBillingham Catholic Club
Weekly 21:0037 Wolvestone Road, Billingham, Teesside, Teesside, TS23 2RU
BillinghamGeneral knowledge. 50p per person. Tele 01642 551137
  Last updated: 29 July 2008
SundayThe Golden Jubilee
Weekly 9.00pm Helaugh Close, Thirsk Road, Yarm on Tees, Cleveland,
Yarm on TeesFour rounds of general knowledge/trivia. Name the face page (20 faces). Jackpot question at the end of night (1 per team). 50p per person to enter.......usually teams consist of up to 6 people.
 Contact : [email protected]Last updated: 11-06-06

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