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To test your knowledge of xmas trivia have a go at answering the following quiz questions. Just as a bit of fun, to see how well you'd fair at a real pub quiz night.

1. In the song 12 days of Christmas, how many ladies are dancing?

2. In which year was Mr Blobby the UK Christmas number one song?

3. Which female solo artist was born on Christmas day in 1971?

4. From the rhyme "Twas the night before Christmas" which reindeer was not pulling Santa's sleigh?

5. The Christmas tree on display in Trafalgar square in London is an annual gift to the UK from which country?

6. By what name is Boxing Day (the 26th of December) also known?

7. In which year was "Feed the World" released for the second time in time for Christmas and sung by Band Aid II?

8. When singing the "12 days of Christmas" in it's entirety how many gifts are given in total?

9. Which well known actor died on Christmas Day in 1977?

10. Which Michael Jackson song was a Christmas number one in 1995?

Quiz script adapted from Quiz-o-matic'76

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