Useful conversion factors for converting measurements

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Measurement conversions

The factors by which to multiply measurements to convert them

Conversion Multiplication factor
centimetres to inches x 0.393700787
fathoms to feet x 6
feet to meters x 0.3048
furlongs to feet x 660
gallons to litters x 3.7853
inches to centimetres x 2.54
kilograms to pounds x 2.2046
kilometres to miles x 0.6214
litres to gallons x 0.2642
litres to pints x 2.1134
meters to yards x 1.0936
miles to kilometres x 1.6093

Length Converter

1 select a length unit from the "From" dropdown list and one from the "To" dropdown list
2 Enter a numeric value, and click "To" button

From: To:
centimetres = 1 centimetres
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