In which sports do athletes compete during a triathlon etc?

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Multi-Sport Athletics

There are several well-known multi-sport athletic events, (usually ending with the suffix -athlon) and most have been regular features at the Olympic Games. The following tables list the individual sporting events that make up these multisport competitions


A winter 2 sport event which first developed as a training exercise for Norwegian soldiers. The first competition was held in 1767.

Sporting Event Description
Skiingcross-country skiing over a distance of 7-20km depending on the variant of the biathlon contest.
Shooting.22 calibre rifles shooting at a range of 50 metres at targets of 115mm when standing and 45mm when prone.


First triathlon held in 1974, there are several varieties of competition from sprint triathlons to Ironman contests.

Sporting Event Description


An ancient Greek athletics event consisting of five competitions each representing techniques useful in battle.

Sporting Event Description
Long Jumplike modern triple jump, using weights as a counterbalance
JavelinA leather strap was used to throw the javelin
Discusfive throws, furthest wins
Wrestlingsame rules as modern equivalent
Stadiona short sprint foot race of about 180 metres, the winner was the champion of the games

Modern Pentathlon

Invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin who was the founder of the modern Olympic games, the event was first held in the 1912 Olympics

Sporting Event Description
Shooting4.5mm air pistol, 10 metre distance, 20 shots
Fencingusing the epee, round robin competition
Swimming200m freestyle
RidingShow jumping, 350-450 metre course with 12-15 obstacles
Running3000 metre cross-country course, competitors start with time penalties according to how many points they scored in previous events, with the leader starting first. The first across the line is the winner overall.


A track a field event for women, the first 4 events are held on one day with the remaining three events held the next day. Points are awarded for each event and the overall winner is the athlete with the most points.

Sporting Event
100m hurdles
Long Jump
High Jump
Shot Put


A track and field athletics event for men with 5 events held on each of two days. Has been included in the Olympic games since 1912. Points are awarded for each event with the overall winner having the most points.

Sporting Event
Long Jump
Shot Put
High Jump
110m Hurdles
Pole Vault
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