Official boxing weight classes or divisions

Boxing weight divisions

A list of men's boxing weight classifications (sometimes known as ratings or divisions) according to WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO. Women's weight classification according to IFBA, WIBA. The weight range for each class is quite narrow so it's important that boxers follow a strict boxing conditioning scheme to maintain optimum fitness and weight.

Women's boxing weight classes included after a request from a Pub Quiz Help user

Boxing Category Weight - Men Weight - Women
Strawweightup to 105 lbsup to 102 lbs(46.36 kilos)
Mini Flyweight-up to 105 lbs(47.627 kilos)
Junior Flyweight105 to 108 lbs105 to 108 lbs(48.988 kilos)
Flyweight108 to 112 lbs108 to 112 lbs(50.802 kilos)
Super Flyweight /
Junior Bantam Weight
112 to 115 lbs112 to 115 lbs(52.163 kilos)
Bantamweight115 to 118 lbs115 to 118 lbs(53.524 kilos)
Super Bantamweight /
Junior Featherweight
118 to 122 lbs118 to 122 lbs(55.338 kilos)
Featherweight122 to 126 lbs122 to 126 lbs(57.153 kilos)
Super Featherweight /
Junior Lightweight
126 to 130 lbs126 to 130 lbs(58.967 kilos)
Lightweight130 to 135 lbs130 to 135 lbs(61.235 kilos)
Super Lightweight /
Junior Welterweight
135 to 140 lbs135 to 140 lbs(63.503 kilos)
Welterweight140 to 147 lbs140 to 147 lbs(66.678 kilos)
Super Welterweight147 to 154 lbs-(69.853 kilos)
Junior Middleweight-147 to 154 lbs(69.853 kilos)
Middleweight154 to 160 lbs154 to 160 lbs(72.575 kilos)
Super Middleweight160 to 168 lbs160 to 168 lbs(76.204 kilos)
Light Heavyweight168 to 175 lbs168 to 175 lbs(79.379 kilos)
Cruiserweight175 to 200 lbs-(90.719 kilos)
Heavyweightover 200 lbsOver 175 lbs-
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