A calendar of formula one grand prix events in 2006

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Formula One Grand Prix Calendar 2006

A list of formula 1 grand prix circuits and the dates on which the motor races are held. Also listed are the lengths of each grand prix circuit

Date Country,
Grand Prix Location
Name of
Track length
12th March 2006Bahrain, ManamaBahrain International Circuit3.366 miles (5,417m)
19th March 2006Malaysia, Kuala LumpurSepang International Circuit3.444 miles (5,543m)
2nd April 2006Australia, MelbourneAlbert Park3.293 miles (5,300m)
23rd April 2006San Marino, ImolaAutodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari3.065 miles (4,933m)
7th May 2006European, Nurburg (Germany)Nurburgring3.199 miles (5,148m)
14th May 2006Spain, BarcelonaCircuit de Catalunya2.937 miles (4,727m)
28th May 2006Monaco, Monte CarloCircuit de Monaco2.075 miles (3,339m)
11th June 2006Great Britain, SilverstoneSilverstone3.194 miles (5,140m)
25th June 2006Canada, MontrealCircuit Gilles Villeneuve2.709 miles (4,360m)
2nd July 2006USA, IndianapolisIndianapolis Motor Speedway2.605 miles (4,192m)
16th July 2006France, Magny-CoursNevers Magny-Cours Circuit2.741 miles (4,411m)
30th July 2006Germany, HockenheimHockenheimring2.842 miles (4,574m)
6th August 2006Hungary, BudapestHungaroring2.722 miles (4,381m)
27th August 2006Turkey, IstanbulIstanbul Park3.314 miles (5,333m)
10th September 2006Italy, MonzaAutodromo Nazionale Monza3.600 miles (5,793m)
1st October 2006China, ShanghaiShanghai International Circuit3.387 miles (5,451m)
8th October 2006Japan, SuzukaSuzuka Circuit3.608 miles (5,807m)
22nd October 2006Brazil, Sao PauloInterlagos (Autódromo José Carlos Pace)2.678 miles (4,309m)

Formula One Grand Prix Calendar 2005

Date Country,
Grand Prix Location
Name of
6th March 2005Australia, MelbourneAlbert Park
20th March 2005Malaysia, SepangSepang International Circuit
3rd April 2005Bahrain, ManamaBahrain International Circuit
24th April 2005San Marino, ImolaAutodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
8th May 2005Spain, BarcelonaCircuit de Catalunya
22nd May 2005Monaco, Monte CarloCircuit de Monaco
29th May 2005European, Nurburgring (Germany)Nurburgring
12th June 2005Canada, MontrealCircuit Gilles Villeneuve
19th June 2005USA, IndianapolisIndianapolis Motor Speedway
3rd July 2005France, Magny-CoursCircuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
10th July 2005Great Britain, SilverstoneSilverstone
24th July 2005Germany, HockenheimHockenheimring
31st July 2005Hungary, BudapestHungaroring
21st August 2005Turkey, IstanbulIstanbul Racing Circuit
4th September 2005Italy, MonzaAutodromo Nazionale Monza
11th September 2005Belgium, Spa-FrancorchampsCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps
25th September 2005Brazil, InterlagosAutódromo José Carlos Pace
9th October 2005Japan, SuzukaSuzuka
16th October 2005China, ShanghaiShanghai International Circuit
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