List of past champions of the major European football leagues

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Domestic Football League Champions

Major European Domestic Football Leagues

Listed below are the football league champions from the 6 major domestic leagues in Europe. For each season the winning team is listed right back until the league was first formed.

The names of each league and governing body are the current names, most have been renamed through history but for clarity only the current names are given.

Year England Spain Portugal Italy France Germany
The Football League La Liga Liga de Clubes Lega Nazionale Professionisti Ligue de Football Professionnel Deutsche Fußball-Liga
Premier Division Primera Division SuperLiga Serie A Ligue 1 Bundesliga
2004-05ChelseaFC BarcelonaSL BenficaJuventus FCOlympique LyonnaisBayern Munchen
2003-04ArsenalValencia CFFC PortoAC MilanOlympique LyonnaisWerder Bremen
2002-03Manchester UnitedReal MadridFC PortoJuventusOlympique LyonnaisBayern Munchen
2001-02ArsenalValencia CFSporting Clube de PortugalJuventus FCOlympique LyonnaisBorussia Dortmund
2000-01Manchester UnitedReal MadridBoavista FCAS RomaFC NantesBayern Munchen
1999-00Manchester UnitedDeportivo de La CorunaSporting Clube de PortugalSS LazioAS Monaco FCBayern Munchen
1998-99Manchester UnitedFC BarcelonaFC PortoAC MilanFC Girondins de BordeauxBayern Munchen
1997-98ArsenalFC BarcelonaFC PortoJuventus FCRC LensFC Kaiserslautern
1996-97Manchester UnitedReal MadridFC PortoJuventus FCAS Monaco FCBayern Munchen
1995-96Manchester UnitedAtletico de MadridFC PortoAC MilanAJ AuxerreBorussia Dortmund
1994-95Blackburn RoversReal MadridFC PortoJuventus FCFC NantesBorussia Dortmund
1993-94Manchester UnitedFC BarcelonaSL BenficaAC MilanParis Saint-Germain FCBayern Munchen
1992-93Manchester UnitedFC BarcelonaFC PortoAC MilanNo ChampionWerder Bremen
1991-92Leeds UnitedFC BarcelonaFC PortoAC MilanOlympique de MarseilleVfB Stuttgart
1990-91ArsenalFC BarcelonaSL BenficaUC SampdoriaOlympique de MarseilleFC Kaiserslautern
1989-90LiverpoolReal MadridFC PortoSSC NapoliOlympique de MarseilleBayern Munchen
1988-89ArsenalReal MadridSL BenficaInternazionaleOlympique de MarseilleBayern Munchen
1987-88LiverpoolReal MadridFC PortoAC MilanAS Monaco FCWerder Bremen
1986-87EvertonReal MadridSL BenficaSSC NapoliFC Girondins de BordeauxBayern Munchen
1985-86LiverpoolReal MadridFC PortoJuventus FCParis Saint-Germain FCBayern Munchen
1984-85EvertonFC BarcelonaFC PortoHellas VeronaFC Girondins de BordeauxBayern Munchen
1983-84LiverpoolAthletic de BilbaoSL BenficaJuventus FCFC Girondins de BordeauxVfB Stuttgart
1982-83LiverpoolAthletic de BilbaoSL BenficaAS RomaFC NantesHamburger SV
1981-82LiverpoolReal SociedadSporting Clube de PortugalJuventus FCAS Monaco FCHamburger SV
1980-81Aston VillaReal SociedadSL BenficaJuventus FCAS Saint-EtienneBayern Munchen
1979-80LiverpoolReal MadridSporting Clube de PortugalInternazionaleFC NantesBayern Munchen
1978-79LiverpoolReal MadridFC PortoAC MilanRC StrasbourgHamburger SV
1977-78Nottingham ForestReal MadridFC PortoJuventus FCAS Monaco FCFC Koln
1976-77LiverpoolAtletico de MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCFC NantesBorussia Monchengladbach
1975-76LiverpoolReal MadridSL BenficaTorinoAS Saint-EtienneBorussia Monchengladbach
1974-75Derby CountyReal MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCAS Saint-EtienneBorussia Monchengladbach
1973-74Leeds UnitedFC BarcelonaSporting Clube de PortugalSS LazioAS Saint-EtienneBayern Munchen
1972-73LiverpoolAtletico de MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCFC NantesBayern Munchen
1971-72Derby CountyReal MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCOlympique de MarseilleBayern Munchen
1970-71ArsenalValencia CFSL BenficaInternazionaleOlympique de MarseilleBorussia Monchengladbach
1969-70EvertonAtletico de MadridSporting Clube de PortugalCagliariAS Saint-EtienneBorussia Monchengladbach
1968-69Leeds UnitedReal MadridSL BenficaFiorentinaAS Saint-EtienneBayern Munchen
1967-68Manchester CityReal MadridSL BenficaAC MilanAS Saint-EtienneFC Nurnberg
1966-67Manchester UnitedReal MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCAS Saint-EtienneEintracht Braunschweig
1965-66LiverpoolAtletico de MadridSporting Clube de PortugalInternazionaleFC NantesTSV 1860 Munchen
1964-65Manchester UnitedReal MadridSL BenficaInternazionaleFC NantesWerder Bremen
1963-64LiverpoolReal MadridSL BenficaBolognaAS Saint-EtienneFC Koln
1962-63EvertonReal MadridSL BenficaInternazionaleAS Monaco FC 
1961-62Ipswich TownReal MadridSporting Clube de PortugalAC MilanStade de Reims 
1960-61Tottenham HotspurReal MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCAS Monaco FC 
1959-60Burnley WolverhamptonFC BarcelonaSL BenficaJuventus FCStade de Reims 
1958-59Wolverhampton WanderersFC BarcelonaFC PortoAC MilanOGC Nice 
1957-58Wolverhampton WanderersReal MadridSporting Clube de PortugalJuventusStade de Reims 
1956-57Manchester UnitedReal MadridSL BenficaAC MilanAS Saint-Etienne 
1955-56Manchester UnitedAthletic de BilbaoFC PortoFiorentinaOGC Nice 
1954-55ChelseaReal MadridSL BenficaAC MilanStade de Reims 
1953-54Wolverhampton WanderersReal MadridSporting Clube de PortugalInternazionaleLille OSC 
1952-53ArsenalFC BarcelonaSporting Clube de PortugalInternazionaleStade de Reims 
1951-52Manchester UnitedFC BarcelonaSporting Clube de PortugalJuventusOGC Nice 
1950-51Tottenham HotspurAtletico de MadridSporting Clube de PortugalAC MilanOGC Nice 
1949-50PortsmouthAtletico de MadridSL BenficaJuventus FCGirondins de Bordeaux 
1948-49PortsmouthFC BarcelonaSporting Clube de PortugalTorinoStade de Reims 
1947-48ArsenalFC BarcelonaSporting Clube de PortugalTorinoOlympique de Marseille 
1946-47LiverpoolValencia CFSporting Clube de PortugalTorinoCO Roubaix-Tourcoing 
1945-46No football league
World War II
Sevilla FCBelenensesTorinoLille OSC 
1944-45-FC BarcelonaSL BenficaNo football league
World War II
No football league
World War II
1943-44-Valencia CFSporting Clube de Portugal-- 
1942-43-Athletic de BilbaoSL BenficaTorino- 
1941-42-Valencia CFSL BenficaAS Roma- 
1940-41-Atletico AviacionSporting Clube de PortugalBologna- 
1939-40-Atletico AviacionFC PortoAmbrosiana-Inter- 
1938-39EvertonNo football league
civil war
FC PortoBolognaFC Sete 
1937-38Arsenal-SL BenficaAmbrosiana-InterFC Sochaux-Montbeliard 
1936-37Manchester City-SL BenficaBolognaOlympique de Marseille 
1935-36SunderlandAthletic de BilbaoSL BenficaBolognaRacing Club de Paris 
1934-35ArsenalReal BetisFC PortoJuventus FCFC Sochaux-Montbeliard 
1933-34ArsenalAthletic de Bilbao Juventus FCFC Sete 
1932-33ArsenalReal Madrid Juventus FCOlympique Lillois 
1931-32EvertonReal Madrid Juventus FC  
1930-31ArsenalAthletic de Bilbao Juventus FC  
1929-30Sheffield WednesdayAthletic Bilbao Ambrosiana SS  
1928-29Sheffield WednesdayFC Barcelona    
1926-27Newcastle United     
1925-26Huddersfield Town l     
1924-25Huddersfield Town     
1923-24Huddersfield Town     
1922-23Liverpool d     
1919-20West Bromwich Albion     
1918-19No football league
World War I
1913-14Blackburn Rovers     
1911-12Blackburn Rovers     
1910-11Manchester United     
1909-10Aston Villa     
1908-09Newcastle United     
1907-08Manchester United     
1906-07Newcastle United     
1904-05Newcastle United     
1903-04Sheffield Wednesday     
1902-03Sheffield Wednesday     
1899-00Aston Villa     
1898-99Aston Villa     
1897-98Sheffield United     
1896-97Aston Villa     
1895-96Aston Villa     
1893-94Aston Villa     
1889-90Preston North End     
1888-89Preston North End     
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