Past winners of the snooker world championship

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Snooker World Champions

The snooker world championship (sponsored by Embassy since 1976) has been played at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield since 1977 and is the most important professional snooker tournament on the circuit.

Below the past winners of the championship are listed

Year Winner Nationality Score Runner-up Nationality
2008Ronnie O'SullivanEngland18-8Ali CarterEngland
2007John HigginsScotland18-13Mark SelbyEngland
2006Graeme DottScotland18-14Peter EbdonEngland
2005Shaun MurphyEngland18-16Matthew StevensWales
2004Ronnie O'Sullivan England18-8Graeme DottScotland
2003Mark Williams Wales18-16Ken Doherty Rep of Ireland
2002Peter Ebdon England18-17Stephen Hendry Scotland
2001Ronnie O'Sullivan England18-14John Higgins Scotland
2000Mark Williams Wales18-9Matthew Steven Wales
1999Stephen Hendry Scotland18-11Mark Williams Wales
1998John Higgins Scotland18-12Ken Doherty Rep of Ireland
1997Ken Doherty Rep of Ireland18-12Stephen Hendry Scotland
1996Stephen Hendry Scotland18-12Peter Ebdon England
1995Stephen Hendry Scotland18-9Nigel Bond England
1994Stephen Hendry Scotland18-17Jimmy White England
1993Stephen Hendry Scotland18-5Jimmy White England
1992Stephen Hendry Scotland18-14Jimmy White England
1991John Parrott England18-11Jimmy White England
1990Stephen Hendry Scotland18-12Jimmy White England
1989Steve Davis England18-3John Parrott England
1988Steve Davis England18-11Terry Griffiths Wales
1987Steve Davis England18-14Joe Johnson England
1986Joe Johnson England18-12Steve Davis England
1985Dennis Taylor Northern Ireland18-17Steve Davis England
1984Steve Davis England18-16Jimmy White England
1983Steve Davis England18-6Cliff Thorburn Canada
1982Alex Higgins Northern Ireland18-15Ray Reardon Wales
1981Steve Davis England18-12Doug Mountjoy Wales
1980Cliff Thorburn Canada18-16Alex Higgins Northern Ireland
1979Terry Griffiths Wales24-16Dennis Taylor Northern Ireland
1978Ray Reardon Wales25-18Perrie Mans South Africa
1977John Spencer England25-12Cliff Thorburn Canada
1976Ray Reardon Wales27-16Alex Higgins Northern Ireland
1975Ray Reardon Wales31-30Eddie Charlton Australia
1974Ray Reardon Wales22-12Graham Miles England
1973Ray Reardon Wales38-32Eddie Charlton Australia
1972Alex Higgins Northern Ireland37-32John Spencer England
1971John Spencer England37-29Warren Simpson Australia
1970Ray Reardon Wales37-33John Pulman England
1969John Spencer England37-24Gary Owen Wales
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