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Famous Sport Trophies

A list of famous sporting trophies awarded to the winners of some of the most well known sport events. The list includes the name of the trophy, the sport involved, a description of the trophy and a brief history.

Trophy Name Sport Trophy Description History
America's CupYacht racingSilver ewer (pitcher)Oldest sporting trophy, first contested in 1851
The AshesCricketSmall wooden urnTest match cricket between England and Australia played every two years. The urn supposedly contains the ashes from the bails that were burnt after a test match in 1882 which Australia narrowly won.
Calcutta CupRugby UnionSilver cup - 3 handles. Elephant on lid.Annual match between England and Scotland contested since 1879. The cup is made from melted down Indian rupees. The games usually takes place as part of the 6 nations championship.
Davis CupTennisSilver cup on plinth currently 110cm tallAlso known as Dwight's pot. First contested in 1900. International team tennis event.
FA CupFootballSilver cupAlso known as the Football Association Challenge Cup. A knock out competition between football teams of any league since 1872. The current trophy is the 4th version of the FA cup. The 1st was stolen in 1895. The 2nd was a copy of the 1st. and was used until 1910. The 3rd FA cup was larger and was used until 1992, but was retired due to it's fragility.
The Gentlemen's Singles TrophyWimbledon - TennisSilver gilt cup, 2 handles, 18.5 inches tall. Pineapple on lid.First contested in 1887 and has the following inscription: "The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World"
The Ladies' Singles TrophyWimbledon - TennisSilver salver (plate) 18.75 inch diameterAlso known as the Rosewater dish or Venus Rosewater dish. First contested in 1886
Larry O'Brien TrophyNBA BasketballSilver and vermeil. Statue - Basketball on plinthPrior to 1984 the trophy was known as the NBA Championship Trophy. Awarded to the winner of the NBA playoffs
Nextel CupNASCARSilver Statue - 2 chequered flags, 24 inches tallFirst contested in 2004 awarded to the winner of the NASCAR championship. Previously known as the Winston cup and The Grand National.
Ryder CupGolfGold cup, 17 inches tall, golfer on lid.Team matchplay golf tournament currently contested between USA and Europe. First official tournament held in 1927
Stanley CupIce HockeySilver bowl atop plinth, engraved with all past winners. Plinth is extended as requiredFirst named the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. First contested in 1894. The original bowl was retired in 1969 because it was brittle.
William Webb Ellis TrophyRugby Union World CupGold cupInternational rugby union competition first held in 1987. Trophy named after school boy who supposedly invented rugby - a myth.
World CupFootballSolid 18 caret gold, two figures, globe on top, 36cm tall.Officially known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy has been awarded to the winners of the world cup tournament since 1974. The previous trophy was known as the Jules Rimet Cup but was awarded permanently to Brazil after their third win of the cup in 1970. Designed by Silvio Gazzaniga
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