Famous people who died in 2004

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Deaths during 2004

A list of famous people who died during 2004.

Person of note
who died
Date of death Age Profession
Artie Shaw30th Dec94Bandleader
Ol' Dirty Bastard13th Nov36Rapper
Yasser Arafat11th Nov75Palestinian Leader
Emlyn Hughes9th Nov57Footballer - England & Liverpool
Fred Dibnah6th Nov66Steeplejack, TV presenter
Princess Alice Christabel
Montagu Douglas Scott
29th Oct102Queen's aunt
John Peel26th Oct65DJ
Chrisopher Reeve10th Oct52Actor
Rodney Dangerfield5th Oct82Comedian
Janet Leigh3rd Oct77Actress
Brian Clough20th Sep69Football manager
Russ Meyer18th Sep82Director
Johnny Ramone15th Sep55Singer
Elmer Bernstein18th Aug82Composer
Francis Crick28th July88Scientist
Sacha Distel22nd Jul71Singer
Jerry Goldsmith21st July75Composer
Marlon Brando1st July80Actor
Ray Charles10th June73Musician
Ronald Reagan5th June93Ex US President
Estee Lauder24th Apr97Cosmetic Executive
Norris McWhirter19th Apr78Guinness World Record presenter
Caron Keating13th Apr41TV Presenter
Alistair Cooke29th Mar95Radio Presenter
Peter Ustinov28th March82Actor
Queen Juliana20th March94Former Queen of the Netherlands
Olivia Goldsmith15th Jan54Writer
Harold Shipman13th Jan57Serial killing doctor
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