Signs of the zodiac - dates and symbols

Astrological Signs

A list of the signs of the zodiac that make up the tropical zodiac used in western astrology. The path of the sun through the sky is known as the ecliptic, and 12 roughly evenly spaced constellations are located along this path. A persons star sign is determined by their birth date which corresponds to the sun being nearest to a particular constellation on that date.

However the horoscope used by astrologers was drawn up over two thousand years ago and the relative positions of constellations have changed since that time, to such an extent that in astronomical terms the constellations are about a month out of sync with the horoscope.

An astrologer is supposedly able to make predictions about a person's personality and physical traits by interpreting the relative positions of the sun, planets and constellations.

Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a different symbol, also one of the classical elements and one of three modalities. Each sign has a ruling planet and is also associated with a particular part of the body said to be the seat of power.

Star sign Dates Symbol Element Planet Modality Seat of Power
Aries21st March -
19th April
Taurus20th April -
20th May
bullearthVenusfixedneck & shoulders
Gemini21st May -
20th June
Cancer21st June -
22nd July
crabwaterMooncardinalbreasts & belly
Leo23rd July -
22nd August
lionfireSunfixedheart & spine
Virgo23rd August -
22nd September
Libra23rd September -
22nd October
scalesairVenuscardinallower back & internal
reproductive organs
Scorpio23rd October -
21st November
Sagittarius22nd November -
21st December
centaurfireJupitermutablehips & thighs
Capricorn22nd December -
19th January
goat/fishearthSaturncardinalknees, bones & skin
Aquarius20th January -
18th February
water bearerairUranusfixedankles &
circulatory system
Pisces19th February -
20th March

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