Monopoly board sequence and value of squares

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Monopoly Board

Officially invented in 1933 by Charles B. Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania, and mass produced by Parker Brothers in 1935. However there is some controversy about the real inventor of the game, some claim Lizzie J. Magie created "The Landlord's Game" in 1904 and this game was further developed by economics students playing the game in Harvard and Princeton.

Regardless of who the real inventor was the current official American monopoly board is based on Darrow's design. In 1935 Parker Brothers sent a copy to Waddingtons in the UK, the head of the company, Victor Watson, liked the game but decided that the game would be more popular in the UK if the board was anglicized. Watson's secretary, Marjory Phillips, collected a list of suitable names while out in London. They met at the Angel's Lion Tea House at One Islington High Street, to discuss which london name should be assigned to which square. That tea house is commemorated on the board as The Angel Islington.

The order of squares on the UK monopoly board starting from Go and moving clockwise is listed below including colour and value if any.

Standard British Monopoly Board Sequence

Based on London place names

Colour Square Value
BrownOld Kent Road60
-Community Chest-
BrownWhitechapel Road60
-Income Tax200
-Kings Cross Station200
BlueThe Angel Islington100
BlueEuston Road100
BluePentonville Road120
PurplePall Mall140
-Electric Company150
PurpleNorthumberland Avenue160
-Marylebone Station200
OrangeBow Street180
-Community Chest-
OrangeMarlborough Street180
OrangeVine Street200
-Free Parking-
RedFleet Street220
RedTrafalgar Square240
-Fenchurch Street Station200
YellowLeicester Square260
YellowCoventry Street260
-Water Works150
-Go to Jail-
GreenRegent Street300
GreenOxford Street300
-Community Chest-
GreenBond Street320
-Liverpool St Station200
BluePark Lane350
-Super tax100

Standard American Monopoly Board

Based on Atlantic City place names, the following table lists the sequence of place names, the colour of the squares and the values.

Color Square Value
PurpleMediterranean Avenue$60
-Community Chest-
PurpleBaltic Avenue$60
-Income TaxPay 10% or $200
-Reading Railroad$200
Light blueOriental Avenue$100
Light blueVermont Avenue$100
Light blueConnecticut$120
PinkSt. Charles Place$140
-Electric Company$150
PinkStates Avenue$140
PinkVirginia Avenue$160
-Pennsylvania Railroad$200
OrangeSt. James Place$180
-Community Chest-
OrangeTennessee Avenue$180
OrangeNew York Avenue$200
-Free Parking-
RedKentucky Avenue$220
RedIndiana Avenue$220
RedIllinois Avenue$240
-B&O Railroad$200
YellowAtlantic Avenue$260
YellowVentnor Avenue$260
-Water Works$150
YellowMarvin Gardens$280
-Go To Jail-
GreenPacific Avenue$300
GreenNorth Carolina Avenue$300
-Community Chest-
GreenPensylvania Avenue$320
-Short Line$200
Dark BluePark Place$350
-Luxury Tax$75
Dark BlueBoardwalk$400

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