List of Past British Prime Ministers

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Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

A list of past British Prime Ministers in chronological order including their terms of office accompanied by any interesting facts.

PM Number: Dates of
Prime Minister Fact
521997-Tony Blair 
511990-1997John Major 
501979-1990Margaret ThatcherFirst female PM
491976-1979James CallaghanLived longest (92)
47 (2nd term)1974-1976Harold Wilson 
481970-1974Edward Heath 
471964-1970Harold Wilson 
461963-1964Sir Alec Douglas-Home 
451957-1963Harold Macmillan 
441955-1957Anthony Eden 
42 (2nd term)1951-1955Winston Churchill 
431945-1951Clement Attlee 
421940-1945Winston Churchill 
411937-1940Neville Chamberlain 
39 (3rd term)1935-1937Stanley Baldwin 
40 (2nd term)1929-1935James Ramsay MacDonaldAppointed 1st female minister
39 (2nd term)1924-1929Stanley Baldwin 
401924James Ramsay MacDonald 
391923Stanley Baldwin 
381922-1923Andrew Bonar LawCanadian
371916-1922David Lloyd GeorgeOldest to marry (80)
361908-1916Herbert Asquith 
351905-1908Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman 
341902-1905Arthur Balfour 
32 (3rd term)1895-1902Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil,
Marquis of Salisbury
Tallest (6ft 4)
331894-1895Earl of Rosebery 
31 (4th term)1892-1894William GladstoneOldest serving (84)
32 (2nd term)1886-1892Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil,
Marquis of Salisbury
31 (3rd term)1886William Gladstone 
321885-1886Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil,
Marquis of Salisbury
31 (2nd term)1880-1885William Gladstone 
30 (2nd term)1874-1880Benjamin Disraeli 
311868-1874William Gladstone 
301868Benjamin Disraeli 
27 (3rd term)1866-1868Earl of Derby 
26 (2nd term)1865-1866Lord John Russell 
29 (2nd term)1859-1865Vicount PalmerstonOldest to 1st marry (55)
27 (2nd term)1858-1859Earl of Derby 
291855-1858Viscount PalmerstonOldest to first take office (70)
281852-1855Earl of Aberdeen 
271852Earl of Derby 
261846-1852Lord John Russell 
25 (2nd term)1841-1846Sir Robert Peel 
24 (2nd term)1835-1841William Lamb, Vicount Melbourne 
251834-1835Sir Robert Peel 
241834William Lamb, Vicount Melbourne 
231830-1834Earl GreyMost Children (17)
221828-1830Arthur Wellesley,
Duke of Wellington
211827-28Frederick Robinson,
Viscount Goderich
201827George CanningShortest term (100 days)
191812-1827Robert Banks Jenkinson,
Lord Liverpool
181809-1812Spencer PercevalOnly assassination
14 (2nd term)1807-1809William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck,
3rd Duke of Portland
171806-1807William Wyndam Grenville,
Lord Grenville
15 (2nd term)1804-1806William Pitt, "The Younger" 
161801-04Henry Addington 
151783-1801William Pitt, "The Younger"Youngest (24)
141783William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck,
3rd Duke of Portland
131782-1783William Petty, Earl of Shelburne 
121770-1782Lord North 
111768-1770Augustus Henry Fitzroy,
Duke of Grafton
Youngest to marry (20)
101766-1768William Pitt, "The Eldar"
Earl of Chatham
91765-1766Charles Wentworth,
Marquess of Rockingham
81763-1765George Grenville 
71762-1763John Stuart, Earl of Bute 
4 (2nd term)1757-1762Thomas Pelham-Holles,
Duke of Newcastle
61757James Waldegrave,
2nd Earl Waldegrave
51756-1757William Cavendish,
Duke of Devonshire
Earliest death (44)
41754-1756Thomas Pelham-Holles,
Duke of Newcastle
31743-1754Henry Pelham 
21742-1743Spencer Compton,
Earl of Wilmington
11721-1742Sir Robert WalpoleMost siblings (17)

Last Updated: 30th March 2005

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