Ranks of the British armed forces

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Ranks of the British Armed Forces

A list of each of the forces of the British army ranked from highest to lowest, illustrating the order of chain of command.

Royal Navy Royal Air Force
British Army
Admiral of the FleetMarshal of the Royal Air ForceField-Marshal
AdmiralAir Chief MarshalGeneral
Vice-admiralAir MarshalLieutenant-General
Rear-AdmiralAir Vice MarshalMajor-General
CommodoreAir CommodoreBrigadier
CaptainGroup CaptainColonel
CommanderWing CommanderLieutenant-Colonel
Lieutenant-CommanderSquadron LeaderMajor
LieutenantFlight LieutenantCaptain
Sub-LieutenantFlying OfficerLieutenant
MidshipmanPilot Officer2nd Lieutenant
Fleet Chief Petty OfficerWarrant OfficerWarrant Officer 1st Class
--Warrant Officer 2nd Class
-Flight SergeantStaff Sergeant
Chief Petty OfficerChief Technician-
Petty OfficerSergeantSergeant
Leading SeamanJunior Technician-
Able SeamanSenior Aircraftman-
Ordinary SeamanLeading Aircraftman-
Junior SeamanAircraftmanCorporal
--Lance Corporal
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