Past winners of The Ashes - England versus Australia test match cricket

The Ashes - Past Winners

The Ashes is a cricket tournament played between Australia and England every two years, with the home advantage alternating between the countries. The Ashes comprises of (usually) 5 test matches and the winner is the team who have won the most test matches over the series.

The England versus Australia test match competition was first held in 1876, but it wasn't until 1882 that the contest was known as the ashes. The name comes from a fake obituary published in a newspaper concerning the death of English cricket, after England lost dramatically to Australia. The ashes are said to be the remains of the stumps which were cremated after the match but this is a work of fiction, just like the obituary.

The 2006/07 ashes are currently being played over the following dates: Brisbane - 23rd November, Adelaide - 1st December, Perth - 14th December, Melbourne - 26th December, Sydney - 2nd January.

The following table lists the past Ashes tournaments with the winner of the series highlighted along with the score.
Year Home Score Away
2006-07Australia3 - 0England
2005England2 - 1Australia
2002-03Australia4 - 1England
2001England1 - 4Australia
1998-99Australia3 - 1England
1997England2 - 3Australia
1994-95Australia3 - 1England
1993England1 - 4Australia
1990-91Australia3 - 0England
1989England0 - 4Australia
1986-87Australia1 - 2England
1985England3 - 1Australia
1982-83Australia2 - 1England
1981England3 - 1Australia
1978-79Australia1 - 5England
1977England3 - 0Australia
1975England0 - 1Australia
1974-75Australia4 - 1England
1972England2 - 2Australia
1970-71Australia0 - 2England
1968England1 - 1Australia
1965-66Australia1 - 1England
1964England0 - 1Australia
1962-63Australia1 - 1England
1961England1 - 2Australia
1958-59Australia4 - 0England
1956England2 - 1Australia
1954-55Australia1 - 3England
1953England1 - 0Australia
1950-51Australia4 - 1England
1948England0 - 4Australia
1946-47Australia3 - 0England
1938England1 - 1Australia
1936-37Australia3 - 2England
1934England1 - 2Australia
1932-33Australia1 - 4England
1930England1 - 2Australia
1928-29Australia1 - 4England
1926England1 - 0Australia
1924-25Australia4 - 1England
1921England0 - 3Australia
1920-21Australia5 - 0England
1912England1 - 0Australia
1911-12Australia1 - 4England
1909England1 - 2Australia
1907-08Australia4 - 1England
1905England2 - 0Australia
1903-04Australia2 - 3England
1902England1 - 2Australia
1901-02Australia4 - 1England
1899England0 - 1Australia
1897-98Australia4 - 1England
1896England2 - 1Australia
1894-95Australia2 - 3England
1893England1 - 0Australia
1891-92Australia2 - 1England
1890England2 - 0Australia
1888England2 - 1Australia
1887-88Australia0 - 1England
1886-87Australia0 - 2England
1886England3 - 0Australia
1884-85Australia2 - 3England
1884England1 - 0Australia
1882-83Australia1 - 2England
1882England0 - 1Australia
1881-82Australia2 - 0England
1880England1 - 0Australia
1878-79Australia1 - 0England
1876-77Australia1 - 1England

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