Famous people who died in 2005

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Deaths of note during 2005

A list of people in the public eye who have died during 2005.

Person of note
who died
Date of death Age Profession
Kerry Packer26th December68Media Magnate
Vincent Schiavelli26th December57Actor
Vincent "the Chin" Gigante19th December77Mafia godfather
Jack Anderson17th December83Pulitzer prize winning journalist
John Spencer16th December58Actor - Leo McGarry, The West Wing
Richard Pryor10th December65Comedian
Tony Meehan28th November62Drummer, The Shadows
Richard Burns25th November34Rally driver - former World Champion
George Best25th November59Footballer
Pat Morita24th November73Actor - Mr Miyagi, The Karate Kid
James King20th November80Opera Tenor
Chris Whitley20th November45Singer
David Austin19th November70Cartoonist - The Guardian
Lord Lichfield
(Thomas Patrick John Anson)
11th November66Photographer
Harry Thompson7th November45TV Producer- Have I Got News For You
John Fowles5th November79Writer - The French Lieutenant's Woman
Sheree North4th November72Actress
Pat Simmons29th October85Voice of Speaking Clock
Rosa Parks24th October92civil rights campaigner
Elmer Dresslar16th October80Actor - voice of Jolly Green Giant
Ronnie Barker3rd October76Comedian
Leo Sternbach28th September97Chemist - invented Valium
Robert Wise14th September91Director - Sound of music
Sir Joseph Rotblat31st August96Atomic Scientist, Nobel Peace prize winner
Michael Sheard31st August65Actor - Mr Bronson, Grange Hill
Dr Robert Moog21st August71Developed electronic synthesiser
Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam19th August55Politician - former N.I. Secretary
Barbara Bel Geddes8th August82Actress - Miss Ellie, Dallas
Robin Cook6th August58Politician - former Foreign Secretary
Ibrahim Ferrer6th August78Cuban singer
Fahd bin Abdul Aziz bin Saud1st August83King of Saudi Arabia
James Doohan20th July85Actor - Scotty, Star Trek
Sir Edward Heath17th July89Ex Prime Minister
Gretchen Franklin11th July94Actress - Ethel, Eastenders
Evan Hunter (Ed McBain)6th July78Crime Writer
Luther Vandross1st July54Singer
Christopher Fry30th June97Playwright
Richard Whiteley26th June61TV Presenter
Anne Bancroft6th June73Actress
Sir John Mills23rd April97Actor
Andrea Dworkin9th April58Feminist
Prince Rainier III of Monaco6th April81Monarch
Saul Bellow5th April89Writer, Nobel prize winner
John Paul II2nd April84Pope
James Callaghan26th March92Former UK Prime Minister
Dave Allen11th March68Comedian
Peter Benenson25th February83Founder Amnesty International
Hunter S Thompson21st February67Writer
Arthur Miller10th February89Playwright
Ernst Mayr3rd February100Evolutionary Biologist
Johnny Carson23rd January79TV Chatshow Host
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